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Good quality lunch bag/Cooler bag for sales
Good quality lunch bag/Cooler bag for sales
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SOP of Scan room & Metal Tools Management


  • 作业员上班进入验针房时必须先自我检查,保证身上、口袋无金属物品后才能进入验针房及装箱区。

Operators must check themselves to make sure there are not any metal with them before they get into scan and pack room .

2. 装箱区所有使用的利器须列入利器清单,不允许有非利器清单上的利器出现在装箱区,如有新的工具配备,则及时更新利器清单。

Metal tools been used in the scan and pack area must be listed in the Metal Tools List Any metal tools beside the Metal Tools are not allowed to be used in Scan and Pack Room. If there are new metal tools, the Metal Tools List must be update in time.

  • 装箱区员工严禁自带非验针房、装箱区利器进入,离开时不得将验针房、装箱区内的利器及金属工具带出。

Operators are not allowed to take any sealers in which are not belongs to Scan and Pack room, neither take any Scan and Pack room sealers out.

  • 金属车、金属筐等带金属物品不充许在验针房内使用。

Any metal trolley/ metal basket are not allowed to be used in Scan and Pack Room.

  • 封箱器必须统一存在指定的柜子内,门必须上锁,钥匙由尾部主管或组长管理(上班时由组长统一发放,下班时,由组长统一收回进行保管并做每天发放记录)。

All sealers must been kept in the appointed cabinet with lock, the key of which is been kept by finishing supervisor/ team leader. Team leader and supervisor distribute sealers when start to work, and collect tools after off duty time, at the same time, make a record of this.

  • 非验针房及装箱区人员不得擅自进入验针房及装箱区,因工作原因确实要进入时,必须得到尾部主管同意并在“非验针房及装箱区人员进入登记表”上进行登记.清晰填写好姓名、工号、职位、进入时间、进入原因等信息,进入时不得携带金属物品、利器,必 须将金属物品、利品暂存在“金属物品存放箱”内离开时必须登记离开时间同时将存放在“金属物品存放箱”内的物品取走。

Other staff who are not working in Scan and Pack room are not allowed to get in without permit . If need to get in due to work requirement, they must sign the registration form for other staff, with name/ employee number/ position/ get in time/ get in reason, as well as without any metal tools.


Every day supervisors should check their concerned areas according to above principles and record the results. team leader should also monitor. Moreover and Maintenance Daily Monitoring Checklist.



Supervisors give the checking records to production assistant for keeping it in the system


9. 验针房、装箱区严格执行7S。

Implement 7S in the Scan and Pack area.


In order to meet the customers' requirements, we have passed LOreal Audit Report , Avon Audit, BSCI Audit. We sincerely look forward to being your best strategic cooperative partners and purchasing alliance.


Dear All Yunka Office and Partner Vendors,
In order to reduce the final quality reject ratio, avoid rework waste and improve overall quality
level, we’d like to implement a new policy regarding new product production arrangement
starting from Nov .2015.
Prior to final mass production, a 100pcs trial production or re-order run must be arranged and QC
inspection be applied separately. For example, if the mass order is 1008pcs, 102pcs of which
should be produced first and then inspected as an individual order.
安排试产与QC验货。 例如:一个订单有1000个,那么前100个产品(一箱的数量)必
Any problem spotted during the pilot run must be improved for the balance of the mass order
production, i.e, 100pcs in this example, and the improvement might apply to product, finish,
process,prniting ,EMB,construction, packing, etc, depending on specific situation.
It falls in vendor’s responsibility to bear all consequences resulted from no trial run arrangement,
such as the inevitable packing, color, construction rejection of the mass order production.
The mass production (900pcs left from 1000pcs order example) should be arranged only
after trial run is approved by Merchandiser,Developer ,relate management and QC.We
need to have a quality contral sheet for the mass production .And factory still needs to
notify projects leader.
表。 并且生产部在准备开始生产接下来900个产品的时候至少需要提前一周告知项目负责
The trial production run starts effective from Nov 9 2015.
The trial run is very beneficial all of you regarding avoiding rejection and wastes. Although it is a
little bit more complicated to arrange it will really improve your production flow in the long run.
Our goal is to improve the overall quality of our products we really require your support as
partner vendors to lead us in this direction.
Let work together to make this happen.


SOP for Fabric purchasing policies
All personnel must be observe the SOP disciplined and strictly implemented.
1.The purchaser must to find the cost sheet and the sample purchaing sheet then
check the qty each pcs and the unit price .
2.The purchaser need to check the products color ,size ,thickness and the e-co
friendly requirment with the sales department .After organize related purchasing
documents .
3.The purchaser need to send the purchaing order to general manager for
confirmation after purchasing .
4. Material purchasing need to apply for 3 days in advance payment, so as not to
cause dysfunctional company. The payment monthly balance,panyment after goods
arrived and passed ,Before the goods delivery ,Cash .
5. Buyer need to fill in the table of material tracking, including the date of order, the
supplier, the target delivery date, actual delivery date and other information.
6. When bulk materials arrived, need to check whether all materials compliance with
Control No.0013
requirements the red or green sample, including materials, color, thickness,
specifications, etc. In addition to domestic orders up to the standard, can pick up the
goods back to the warehouse. Foreign orders according to the request of the guests,
generally need to mention model number first, to the shop to do prenatal check to
the guest confirmation. Only after the guest confirm signing edition (green or yellow)
rear can carry large cargo material cutting production.
7.The purchasing can pick up the goods After receiving the signed version and
received manager confirmed .Otherewis,any problem , any problem, take full
responsibility for myself.
8. When the buyer pick up the goods did not check carefully according to the sign
version material quality, color, thickness, specifications and other relevant
information. Lead to any problem when big goods production, take all loss from the
9. Purchasing functions only after the big goods production well done, if there is a
need to purchase with the matters of workshop, such as fill material, purchasing
need to actively cooperate with to complete the order.
10. If in the process of purchasing and mass production, appear what any problem,
procurer must take measures in the first time. Inform the general manager and the
Control No.0013
workshop, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
(准备)Prepared by: Candy
(确认)Approved by:Charlis
(日期)Date: April 4th,2015

  • Standard:BSCI


    Issue Date:2017-06-07

    Expiry Date:2018-06-07

    Scope/Range:Textiles, clothing, leather

    Issued By:SGS

  • Standard:LOreal Audit Report


    Issue Date:2015-12-08

    Expiry Date:2017-12-08

    Scope/Range:Textiles, clothing, leather

    Issued By:Intertek

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